Our People:

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Raymond Turner FCSD is an internationally recognized authority on design leadership and management, and their strategic value to business, government and society. He has worked in the design industry for 40 years as a designer, design manager, consultant and corporate director of design leadership. Now he is an independent consultant helping clients realize maximum value from their design investment through strategic design direction and design
implementation planning.
He works for large corporations and small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries including transportation, local and national government, city planning, public broadcasting, household and leisure product manufacturing, and construction. He is also a non-executive director of Image Now, Ireland’s leading branding consultancy.

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Sean MuNulty, CEO of Dolmen, has 30 years experience in product and business model development, innovation, technology transfer and mindset change. Sean and Raymond have collaborated on many projects from manufacturing to tourism.

Other team members include Sean Curtis, business strategist and Steven Barr, change management and facilitation.